Oct 25, 2012

Xevin invested in, leading online delivery platform

“We decided to focus on pizza, which makes up the majority of all food deliveries. Our goal was to make the most popular and ‘best’ place to order pizza online,” said Marek Skubacz, co-founder of

The company works with over 800 Pizzerias throughout Poland. The owners of the pizza shops are aware of Skubacz and come the company themselves to join their distribution platform, saving the startup the distribution costs.

Other angel investors are founders of (Mariusz Gralewski, Jakub Skoczylas and Radosław Kobus), (Marcin Kurek and Michał Skrzyński) as well as Grzegorz Kazulak from, and Michał Borkowski from (

“Despite the fact there is significant competition in this market, we have been greatly impressed by what the team has been able to accomplish in such a short time as well as their plans for further growth. That is why we have decided to make this investment,” said Marek Rusiecki from Xevin Investments.

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