Mar 21, 2013

Xevin Investments has invested in Ukrainian

The founders of shopping club plan to intensify actions aimed at enabling the website to enter further European markets in future. Financial means, acquired through cooperation with Xevin Investments, shall be allocated on marketing operations and increasing the working capital. The club is additionally planning to extend the choice of available commodities, expand the offer by another segments and implement loyalty scheme for the users.

- has been operating in the market for less than one year. However, it grows at amazingly dynamic pace. In February the website has obtained 50% higher selling results than in previous month. We forecast that halfway through 2013 monthly sales of the shopping club shall amount $ 300.000 . ­– tells us Marek Rusiecki, President of the Board at Xevin Investments. was created in May 2012. Ever since it has been the only shopping club in the Ukrainian market that offers wide choice of designer products, unavailable at other retail outlets. Its offer includes i.a. home paraphernalia, jewellery, clothes and kids products and conducts over 200 campaigns a month.

-There are only two shopping clubs operating in the Ukraine that offer affordable prices for buying clothing. This is what makes our situation particularly convenient. During not quite one year we have entered into cooperation with over 300 suppliers. We have built the 150.000 users strong community. – says Vladimir Pyrozhenko, one of the founders.

The shopping club offers products at prices lowered by up to 70%. Attractive conditions enable it to compete with large physical stores. It stands out thanks to wide choice of offered designer products.

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