Sep 27, 2013 has acquired 500.000 PLN from Xevin Investments and Protos VC constitutes a platform enabling each and every user to launch his own webstore. The idea alone is not new at all; such projects have operated in Poland and worldwide  for many years now. It suffices to name or Polish among many others.

Nevertheless, founders of have decided to enter such competitive industry.

„Main reason for launching was our impression that ecommerce platforms in Poland do not offer a product good enough, one which would meet ever-growing expectations of the customers. We aimed to create prettiest, most intuitive and simple system for managing your own webstore and, hopefully, we’ve succeeded at it.” – tells us Patryk Pawlikowski, the founder of’s platform is available at minimal monthly fee as low as 49 PLN. Currently, there are 150 customers settling the service fee on a regular basis and ten-odd new customers joining every month. Stores comprise almost all ecommerce categories, with strongest representation in fields concerning fashion and design.

An investment of Protos VC and Xevin Investments is purposed on marketing, strengthening product department and expansion to foreign markets. website is currently available in Polish, English and Portuguese, while the main foreign market the enterprise is focusing on is Brazil.

“We have decided to invest in because we that at the moment it’s the best product of this kind available on Polish market. We are positive that it has all it takes to achieve worldwide success.” – claims Krzysztof Nowiński of Protos VC.

„I haven’t seen a SaaS project with such monthly increase in paying customers in a long time. The potential is tremendous – if Brazil occurs to repeat Poland’s success, I believe that other developing countries would be up for grabs.” – adds Marek Rusiecki of Xevin Investments.

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