Jun 25, 2013

Joint investment: SpeedUp Innovation and Xevin Investments offers tools for tracking and analysis of user behaviour on websites. Currently platform offers ten different tools designed for diverse remote usability tests. Each of them can be successfully used at specific stage of product or service development. Our product is designed specifically for owners of e-commerce websites, people involved in conversion improvement and professional user experience specialists. Our solution is the only one that combines two types of information: about the behaviour of people and about their opinions – says Bartosz Mozyrko, one of the cofounders of UsabillityTools.

SpeedUp Innovation has acquired 16% of shares in the new company, another 16% has been acquired by Xevin Investments. Additional 8% has went to Cube Group, subsidiary of Xevin Investments. We decided to invest together -  in consequence, the company will receive twofold support and access to broader know-how. It lets us to better manage risk and take advantage of increased opportunities – says Bartłomiej Gola, Managing Partner in SpeedUp Venture Capital GroupFor many entrepreneurs usabillity research and conversion optimization still remains an “unknown land”. Im sure that the use of products like will in the near future become an integral part of the online presence strategy – adds Gwidon Humeniuk, member of the board of Xevin Investments.

UsabillityTools is currently being used by hundreds of companies – mainly large players in the IT industry. Recently, the tool has been integrated with the international research panel CINT. This makes it possible for UsabilityTools clients to instantly recruit users from around the world, to test and analyze their behaviour on any website. UsabilityTools can accept up to 7 million panelists from more than 50 countries, and the results appear just few hours after launch of testing campaign. The tool is being constantly improved on the basis of information received from customers. In the near future it will be expanded to allow multiple teams to work together on a single research project  and improve the range of tests carried out on mobile devices.


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